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Pool Rules

If you have any questions about these please see a staff member before you begin your workout.

  • Shower before entering the pool
  • No street shoes in pool area
  • No jewelry allowed in water
  • No horseplay in water or on deck
  • No running on deck
  • No climbing or sitting on therapy pool walls (blue tile)
  • Enter and exit using steps or ladders
  • Absolutely NO diving
  • No glass containers, food or gum allowed
  • No one under 16 without an adult in the pool room
  • Bring your own towel
  • Exit during inclement weather - lightning/thunder.

For your safety all rules will be strictly enforced.  Management reserves the right to refuse entry to or eject any member or guest who chooses not to follow the pool rules.

Proper pool attire

  • Women: One-piece suit preferred. Absolutely no bikinis or thong suits
  • Men:  No thong trunks - boxer trunks preferred
  • Aquatic shoes required for exercise classes
  • Do not enter water in sweaty gym clothes
  • No cut off or ragged shorts
  • T-shirts worn in water should be white or gray

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