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Aquatics in Fitness


We are Cleburne's first and only Physical Therapy and Training Facility that offers a specialized Aquatic facility.  Our facility features two swim lanes available for open swim. These are 75 feet long and wide enough for two swimmers in each lane. We have an aquatic fitness/training class area with multiple classes for all levels offered daily.

In addition we feature a specific rehabilitation area that is equipped appropriately for our physical therapy clientele. This includes an 8 foot well that allows for total reduction of weight bearing for unloaded running , walking or bicycling for recovery from a knee injury or full unloading for  spine decompression.

Aquatic Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists utilize the benefits of the aquatic environment for assisting with the ongoing rehab process.  Often recovery time from an injury or surgery can be reduced overall due to early intervention started in the pool. READ MORE

Schedule for Aquatics

We offer open swim as well as aquatic conditioning classes and Personal or Group Coaching in the water. READ MORE

Pool Rules

For your safety all rules will be strictly enforced.  Management reserves the right to refuse entry to or eject any member or guest who chooses not to follow the pool rules. READ MORE

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